Why Enterprise Software Development?

With the evolution of software solutions for different segments, it has been nightmare for IT managers to select the right solution for their business, often leading to system integration complexities. This has given rise to some of these issues:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) a Re-Engineering solution to integrate IT processes across company's division and departments addressing scalability and optimization.
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), still in the early stage attempts to provide unanticipated new functionality to partially foresightful legacy architectures without having to incur the downtime, cost and disruption of re-architecting and re-building currently useful legacy functionality. EAI promotes Any-to-Any integration of heterogeneous application logics and data repositories and formats that promotes component based application development at all layers of the architecture.
What can WinStrata do for Enterprise Software Solutions?

WinStrata excels at enterprise IT solutions. Our expertise in Workflow/Business automation products helps us handle the complex enterprise software environments ranging from new solutions to re-engineering for scalability or optimization. WinStrata understands the vision for the application and not simply the current technology, which in turn determines the appropriate architecture, customization features, installation procedures and level of complexity. WinStrata's structured methodology for software applications/e-business solutions ensures early stage risk management and mitigation strategies, which helps in careful planning of the right resources.

WinStrata works with customers to ensure that they have the correct suite of integration applications and provide the best, next generation successful IT solutions. Our strengths highlighted here will tell you why it is the best fit for enterprise software development

  • Design of framework and implementation methodology for application integration.
  • Development of component based applications in all the layers of the EAI architecture.
  • Track record in Workflow and Business Automation products
  • Deep Functional & Domain expertise
  • Multiple architectures and technologies awareness
  • System Integration skills varying from web, email, app-servers, data warehousing to client server technologies
Who are WinStrata's Probable Customers?
  • Companies looking for IT Cost-Cutting measures and need an offshore presence.
  • Small & Medium Businesses looking for Turnkey Software Solution
  • Companies offering Enterprise Software Products and looking for Strategic partnerships for their ongoing enhancements and maintenance.
  • ASP based Software products looking for Scalability and Optimization solutions
  • Startup's & Medium sized companies venturing into enterprise software market and needing a jump-start can leverage our buy/Build Operate Transfer methodology (BOT).
  • Businesses needing help in System Integration For further information on how you could leverage
    WinStrata expertise, please contact WinStrata at info@WinStrata.com