Why Content Management Solutions (CMS)?

Today, organizations realize the need for constant information flow as a tool for strengthening dialog between themselves and their audience. Websites are a primary information tool and increased content flow means more work for IT staff, which means a hike in costs. Content Management Systems reduces administrative cost by allowing business managers to change website content with ease.

WinStrata has worked with several companies to define and implement Content Management Solutions using Open Source Technology and reducing the cost of Infrastructure and Licensing. WinStrata provides tailored CMS for its clients by focusing on customer's ROI through the following areas.

Salient Features:

  • No Licensing and Low Infrastructure cost
  • Reducing administrative and IT burden
  • Empower Business managers to effectively deliver content to its audiences
Open Source Technology

WinStrata has extensive experience in the delivery of CMS across various domains. Our solutions are based on Open Source technology standards such as ZOPE (DHTML, DTML-Tags, XML, JSP, Python, Perl), OPENCMS (Java, XML, XSL, DHTML, JAVABEANS, JSP).

WinStrata's CMS Solution Offerings

WinStrata provides tailored Content Management Solutions (CMS) for its clients by providing the
following services:

  • Analysis of a client's current procedures and methods for creating, maintaining, and publishing content
  • Architecting CMS to suit corporate environment by analyzing current, evolving and best-fit scenarios
  • Content creation and workflow modeling
  • Integration of CMS with existing systems and Data migration from Legacy systems
  • Support to web-enabled devices (Includes Notifications),
    such as:
    • WAP/PDA's
    • Email/Pager

For further information on Content Management Solutions WinStrata offers, please contact WinStrata at info@WinStrata.com